Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Switching from PC to Mac After Corporate Life

Computers have been a part of my life since the 3rd grade. I was truly introduced to the concept of interacting with a computer daily during my 15 years in Corporate America. PC's rule the corporate landscape of operating systems and hardware. Beyond my occasional visits to the creative department and viewing Apple Mac's as a toy computer, I believed Mac's weren't an option for "business associates".

Becoming an entrepreneur is largely about a mind state shift as you channel your respective talents. As I started my business I also decided to make a platform shift switching from PC to Mac.

Making the switch from PC to Mac can seem daunting. I viewed Apple's extensive tutorials on conversion and how to use the new Mac OS X system. I built over 15 Mac's via the Apple Store online with various specifications simply window shopping. I also had extensive conversations with many previous converts that had gone down the path I was considering. Resoundingly they urged me that it would "change my life". A boast that I thought was saying a bit much, but truly appreciate now.

The single factor that pushed me over the edge was my forced introduction to Microsoft Vista. I purchased a Sony VAIO laptop that was maxed out at 2GB with Vista pre-installed. The operating system navigated slowly and brought me to a halt. I developed work avoidance based on start-up and shut down hang up time. Overall it was a bad experience. So I packed up my Gigs on a hard drive and headed to Apple.

At almost a year later the experience exceeded expectations and has been the single most innovating technology decision I've ever made. From the packaging, design to operating system the Apple immerses you in a bright and clean counter culture of efficiency. Programs seem intuitive. Installations are a breeze and seamless. In fact it becomes clear what Window's has been trying to achieve on PC's but hasn't accomplished nearly to the quality of Apple.

Microsoft Office for Mac provides all the PC conveniences of MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and an Outlook equivalent in Entourage. PC users are able to open the document with retro-compatible file formats (unless I forget and leave it in a .docx format). I've been asked if I run Windows on Bootcamp on my Mac and my simple response is, "Why would I do that?". I continue to use the Sony VAIO for webmaster responsibilities that require Internet Explorer. But 90% of my work is made on a Mac.

As I've met more Apple users that have converted there's a shared sense of enlightenment about the product and affection for all things Apple. I joked to my cousin, a neurosurgeon and recent Mac convert that "If Apple made underwear, I'd buy them." Looking through his Christmas photos he is sharing his love through gifts as his 7 year old got the new 13" Black MacBook. Why not start them early.

Beyond the computers the iPhone, iPod Touch, Nano 4G and AppleTV provide platforms that expand Apple's domain in our households and businesses. I say welcome to the family, I'm glad I made the switch.

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