Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin for VP? Is McCain Even Trying?

Governor Sarah Palin has been officially tapped for the position of VP runningmate for Senator John McCain. The 44 year old Governor of Alaska will be the focus of the GOP convention next week.

Are you kidding me? Is McCain even trying to get in the game. At the time of this post McCain's website didn't have any updates at all. A Palin supporter blog has captured the groundswell of her grassroots following. She has had an extensive VP YouTube campaign and for most of the GOP supporters seems to revitalizing what is sure to be a failed attempt to fan a smoldering flame.

Palin has had a strong grassroots following advocating for her VP candidacy. Further, Palin is under investigation in her home state by exercising her "Governor's Perogative". Check out the video below.

Either way. Game on! Go get 'em Barack and Joe.

I can hear Barack saying to Joe, "Go take care of my light weight."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lil Wayne Uses The Secret?

Lil Wayne hasn't said it but he has exhibited that he is a master of "The Secret". The multi-platinum artist reached
double platinum status in 9 weeks. How does he do it? The law of attraction I suspect.

The Secret began as a movie and grew into a global phenomenon by sharing what is positioned as an ancient knowledge of the "Law of Attraction". In essence the Law of Attraction defined in the Secret shares that your thoughts drive and create reality. In essence if you visualize, think and speak about something it comes into being.

How does this fit with Weezy F. Baby? I remember when Jay-Z announced his retirement and Lil Wayne came out with The Carter II. Cash Money was going through it's own challenges. On one of Wayne's tracks he said, "I'm the greatest rapper alive since the greatest rapper retired." and I remember thinking that it was a bit of a stretch. Nope simply him exercising "The Secret" at work.

Granted Lil Wayne started a grind that has been unparalleled in recent years. He was lacing cameo's on everyone's tracks and amassing mixtape tracks by the pound. Over time his respect was raised significantly and the whole Greatest Rapper Alive moniker seemed a bit more appropriate.

Still don't buy it. What about his breakout hit "A Milli". He releases C3 and sells "a milli" copies in the first week. The Secret at work again? Perhaps.

Lastly on the track "3 Peat" from The Carter III, Wayne boasts about how he used the "Law of Attraction" to hook up his mother as a result:

Yeah when I was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days
And sure enough I got Miss Cita in a better place
When I was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days
And sure enough we did exactly what I say

Years ago, I would have never thought Lil Wayne would be in my list of one of the Greatest Rappers Alive but he's grown on me.

I don't endorse The Secret in any way but I am trying to figure out Lil Wayne's meteoric rise to stardom.

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Submitted by Edward Cates,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

RSS Changed My Life: Urban America Don't Sleep! Get a Reader

RSS Feeds and Readers have been around a long while and I know it. I consider myself technology forward. But today, I sadly and triumphantly admit I finally came to understand what the orange box is for. I've been sleepin' on RSS Feeds and Readers. My game is officially slipping (newsflash).

What is a RSS Feed and RSS Reader? Two words: Neat-O. RSS is a way to bring web content from the sites you love to visit in one place with real time updates. Instead of visiting 4-5 sites to read the latest stories to browse the web. You simply open your reader and read the well organized content in one place.

I had a cursory understanding and was tired of scouring the net and seeing the cryptic RSS with the signature orange box and needed a better grasp. I had a feeling it would make my life easier so I wanted to invest time in mastering this new resource.

I have found myself using YouTube lately more for Computer Based Training than for entertainment. I went to my local training resource YouTube and found this great clip "Video: RSS in Plain English".

In 3:44 seconds the light bulb went off and thanks to the description (and an artistic low-tech presentation) plain terms I understood the concept. I already had a Google Reader account setup but hadn't subscribed. Setting up a reader account is easy and there are number of readers available. I prefer Google Reader ( for it's ease of use and pervasive integration.

RSS Feeds and Readers will change the way you browse the web. It's cooler than the other side of the pillow and as life changing as sugar added Kool-Aid mix.

Check out the video on RSS Feeds, sign up for a reader and then subscribe to this blog as one of your first RSS subscriptions.

by Edward Cates

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